For this week I decided to recreated an art piece. This is something we haven’t done, but felt it was fun to do!

Name of Artwork: The Lovers II, 1928 by Rene Magritte

Rene Magritte was born November 21, 1898 and became a well known Belgian surrealist artist. He stood out from other artists as his art pieces seemed out of the ordinary, but still carried hidden meanings.

These consist of different careers that I am currently interested in, but all fall under helping others.

California Therapy Service

  • In this company, my goal will be to act as a therapist. As I plan to do anything that focuses on helping others with their mental state, becoming a therapist is one way in becoming a person of help. Not only will I have to learn to cope with my own emotions, I will have to be able to help others with theirs. Providing help from a therapist point of view will essentially help mental disorder rates go down.


My thoughts on Art have definitely changed while taking this class. Prior to the beginning of class, I only pictured art being a paint or drawing that certain talented people could enforce. I have now learned that art is far more than just one category. Not only does it define different categories, but it also allows everyone to participate in the subject. I had initially defined art as “everything” and that it is all around us. I do still think that way, but I see a different side of art that I never did. …

  1. Before this activity, I only knew Valerie, because I asked her for help. Since this day, I have communicated with her over social media.
  2. After the activity, I got an insight as to what kind of person she is as well as her favorite things.
  3. This pandemic has made it almost impossible for people to make friends. This activity was very helpful, especially for those that have not gotten the chance to introduce themselves to anyone.
  4. Another way of making friends is to consider social media platforms. It would be cool if there was a page where students are given…

Artists: Heather Anacker and Krista Feld

Media: Sewing and Weaving, Natural Dyes, Materials

Both Heather Anacker and Krista Feld are artists from California State University, Long Beach that have worked together to design many art pieces. Together, they have created an art gallery for others in ways that make them unique from different artists. Their art gallery is a safe space that should be treated with lots of respect so that people really get to enjoy what they’re seeing. This specific art gallery called “Dwelling” is located in the SOA Gatov Gallery West and Gatov Gallery East. …

Artist: Tunji Adeniyi-Jones
Media: Painting, graphic design, oil work

Tunji Adeniyl-Jones is a painter, who has many of his paintings scattered across West Africa. He was born in 1992 in the UK. He later decided to start a new journey in New York, where he has lived for many years. In 2014, Jones attended The Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK. He then got his masters degree when attending Yale University School of Art, New Haven, CT. The reason why his artwork is mostly known in Africa is because he has advocated for…

Leslie Diaz:

Lisa Chau:

Valeria García:

Imposter kill.
  1. My goal was to draw among us characters, specifically an imposter killing a crewmate. I first did part one with just a pencil, finishing it off with paint for part two. Although there were a few complications, as a person who has only painted in class, I am okay with my painting.
  2. My original vision was to have two crewmates facing each other. I though of adding an imposter killing a crewmate to emphasize the objective of the game. Also, Halloween is around the corner, this added a bit more to the spooky vibes.
  3. As I mentioned before, aside from…

Lidia Garcia

Hello, this is my second year attending Long Beach State as a Criminal Justice major!

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